Reading List

Here is a list of the beer books currently in our library:

There are a few more, which I’ll add later.

These are not beer books, but I found them very informative or inspirational:

  • The Accounting Game: I liked the explanation about First In First Out versus Last In First Out and how they related to inventory on PAPER. I can see where that would be handy in the brewing world where the demand for hops is outpacing the farmers’ ability to produce them. Contrasting the Accrual Method and Cash Method was also informative.
  • The Power of Who This one was a game changer for me and many of my software friends. People intrinsically want to help other people and if you don’t tell your friends and acquaintances (Who) the things that you want to do (What), then you are depriving them of an opportunity to assist you in reaching your goals and living your dreams. Just mentioning what you hope and dream of, without specifically asking for anything, can open doors for you by connecting you with either like minded folks or people who can actually further your progress. Amazing.


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