Our Beers

  • Strisselspalt Pilsner - Our new for Bluebonnet Brew-off 2019 pilsner was inspired by a beverage that we sampled while vacationing in Virginia. A former Dallas area brewer had taken up shop at Wort Hog Brewing so we ducked in to see what Jeremy had gotten himself into. We sampled all of the current wares and I was smitten … Continue reading "Strisselspalt Pilsner"
  • Thistle Dew - This beer was born out of a “Hopped Challenge” sponsored by Cobra Brewing in Lewisville, Texas. We were handed a brown sack full of honey malt, about a pound and a half, along with a jar of dark malt extract and told that we had to use the ingredients somewhere in our brewing process. Most of the competitors opted to use the malt extract for their yeast starter and use very little of the honey malt.

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