Strisselspalt Pilsner

Our new for Bluebonnet Brew-off 2019 pilsner was inspired by a beverage that we sampled while vacationing in Virginia. A former Dallas area brewer had taken up shop at Wort Hog Brewing so we ducked in to see what Jeremy had gotten himself into.

We sampled all of the current wares and I was smitten by the BECKHAM STREET – HOPPY PILSNER. The “hoppy” bit was supplied using a French hop – Strisselspalt. The beer had a wonderful aroma, a crisp hop bite, plenty of fizzy bubbles, and a quenching dry finish.

We entered a pilsner into Bluebonnet Brew-off last year, but it was a bit rushed and it didn’t do as well as we had hoped. This libation was sure to become our secret weapon in 2019.

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