Resilience Update

Just a quick update, the 5-gallon batch that we brewed has been consumed. The GoFundMe campaign has raised $400 and remains open.

I’ve had three versions of this brew, one from Cowtown Brewing Co, ours from the AHA homebrew version, and Sierra Nevada from a can. I found the variation in the flavors quite interesting. The canned Sierra Nevada was very malt forward and had little to no hop aroma. The Cowtown version was served on draft and had a pleasant hop aroma, a supportive malt backbone, and a little citrus pith kicker which lingered but was not unpleasant. Ours also served on draft, had less of caramel note than the Sierra Nevada, matched the aroma of the Cowtown, but lacked the bitter bite that I was expecting.

This lack of bite sent me searching for the “why”. I started with the Sierra Nevada description of the beer. Bittering hops are listed as Chinook and Centennial alongside Cascade and Centennial for the finishing hops. The AHA recipe does not use Chinook, which explains why the Cowtown version had some of the sharper, citrus bite that our version lacked. I don’t know that this one will get brewed again, but I made a note to swap out the Cascade bittering addition with Chinook

Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA

To make a really long and detailed story short: I brewed the home version of this delicious beer to help out with the fundraising. It will be on tap at the Improving Dallas office starting on January 10th. Here’s the link to a GoFundMe which feeds directly into the fund created by Sierra Nevada.

Longer More Detailed Version

November 8th a wild fire, later named Camp Fire, broke out in Chico, California. It is the most devastating wild fire in US history.

In the aftermath, Sierra Nevada Brewing announced a beer, Resilience Butte County Proud IPA that would be a fundraising vehicle for relief efforts with 100% of the proceeds from the beer going to the Camp Fire Relief Fund, which Sierra Nevada seeded with $100,000.

To date, more than 1,500 professional breweries have released the beer, along with an untold number of home brewers. According to USA Today raised more than $15 million.