Cobra’s Hopped Home Brewer’s Challenge

A local craft brewer conjured up a home brewer challenge. Silvia and I were intrigued enough to sign up.

When we arrived to pick-up out mystery ingredients were expecting a
crazy experimental hop or goofy fruit like Buddha hand. Instead we received a one pound jar of dark liquid malt extract, honey malt, munich malt, and some crystal 40. Our instructions were to use some of each ingredient at some point during our brewing process. Continue reading “Cobra’s Hopped Home Brewer’s Challenge”

British Brown Ale

March’s style of the month is 13B – British Brown Ale. I am a fan of brown ales, including Newcastle Brown Ale and  Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, so I thought that this style would be fun to try.

Back to Brewing Classic Styles for a solid recipe to start from. Since we tend to like malt forward beers with caramel flavors, we decided on the Southern English Brown: Nutty Man Brown Ale. Continue reading “British Brown Ale”