Bluebonnet 2017

After getting a few score sheets back from the Bluebonnet Brew-off judges last year steps were taken to control fermentation temperatures and more attention was paid yeast pitch rates. Judges scores  jumped from the mid twenties to the occasional 40 after making those small-ish changes. This year I hope to get more than one of the beers to the second round and perhaps even hear our beer called out at the awards dinner. We did get a third place in the Limbo Challenge, and a four medals at Labor of Love.

Out of the gate for 2017 we are brewing up entries for Bluebonnet Brew-off. Here’s what we have in the pipeline:

  • English IPA (12C)
  • Scottish Export Stout (14C)
  • American Stout (20B)
  • Witbier (16A)
  • Saison (25B)

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